Kids E-Dental e-Space Maintainer Components – Curved Loop

Kids E-Dental E-SPACE Maintainer Component

It is a pre-formed space maintainer used in pediatric dentistry to prevent pre mature loss of space.

Features – 

  • Universal Band Design
  • 316L medical grade stainless steel
  • Short tube size for all type of cases
  • Laser Marking
  • Pre-Crimped & Pre contoured bands
  • Nickel chromium laser brazing for better joint

Advantages – 

  • Single appointment
  • No impression and model pouring
  • Precise and no laboratory errors involved
  • Universal bands decreases inventory
  • Cost effective
  • Very useful in sedation cases

About the Kids-e-Dental Company –

Kids-e-Dental LLP, founded in 2017, is exclusively dedicated to develop and innovate world class quality dental products for children. Company’s mission is to promote dental health of children with parents satisfaction at the same time provide quality dental products to dentist at best prices. All the products are research based and passionately made by best professionals in the world using the best technology. They believe in high quality standards and customer service.


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